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Saturday 18-6-2016


9.30-9.45         Opening remarks (Yiota Poirazi, Michael Häusser, Matthew Larkum)


9.45-10.00       Welcome by Nektarios Tavernarakis, Director IMBB-FORTH


                        Session1: Molecular processes in dendritic branches

                        Chairs: Nektarios Tavernarakis, Ioannis Charalampopoulos


10.00-11.00     Erin Schuman, Local translation in dendrites


11.00-11.30     Coffee Break


11.30-12.30     Casper Hoogenraad, Local cytoskeletal cues drive polarized cargo

                        transport into dendrites


12.30-13.30     Lunch break


                        Session 2: Dendritic computations and circuit function

                        Chairs: Michael Häusser, Jackie Schiller


13.30-14.30     Nelson Spruston,  Precise synaptic targeting of CA1 pyramidal

                        neuron dendrites


Short Talks by Young Researchers

14.30-15.00     Yuwei Cui, Active dendrites enable sequence

                        learning in the cortex

15.00-15.30     Cristina Domnisoru, Monosynaptic inputs to hippocampal

                        place cell dendrites


15.30-16.00     Coffee break


16.00-17.00     Attila Losonczy, Mnemonic functions for nonlinear dendritic integration

                        in hippocampal pyramidal circuits

17.00-18.00     Greg Stuart, Contrasting roles

                        of calcium-activated potassium channels on dendritic excitability and

                        synaptic plasticity


18.00–20.00    Welcome reception (Sponsored by Demiurge Technologies AG)



Sunday 19-6-2016


                        Session 3: Synaptic arrangements in dendrites

                        Chair: Erin Schuman, Nelson Spruston, Matthew Larkum


9.00-10.00       Arthur Konnerth, Calcium signaling in spines and dendrites of layer

                        4 cortical neurons in vivo


10.00-10.30     Coffee break


10.30-11.30     Judit Makara, Compartmentalization and cooperativity in dendrites

                         of pyramidal neurons

11.30-12.30     Elly Nedivi, Reversible inhibitory synapse structural dynamics at stable sites


12.30-13.30     Lunch break


     Short Talks by Young Researchers

                           Chairs: Judit Makara, Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou


13.30-14.00     Jiyoung Park, Contribution of

                        apical and basal dendrites to orientation encoding of pyramidal neurons in mouse V1

14.00-14.30     Mototaka Suzuki, Dendritic calcium spikes are clearly visible

                        in EEG signals

14.30-15.00     Joao Sacramento, Bayesian multisensory integration by dendrites

15.00-15.30     Cezar M. Tigaret, Control of NMDA receptors by a Ca2+ activated negative feedback loop regulates  hippocampal Hebbian plasticity

15.30-17.00     Poster Session 1 - with coffee/snacks onsite


17.00-18.00     Jackie Schiller, Plasticity in Tuft Dendrites of Layer 5 pyramidal neurons in rat

                        somatosensory cortex



Monday 20-6-2016


                        Session 4: Computational modeling of dendritic function

                        Chair: Yiota Poirazi, Claudia Clopath, Greg Stuart


9.00-10.00       Idan Segev, The functional role of dendritic gap junctions in cortical


10.00-10.30     Coffee break


10.30-11.30     Claudia Clopath, Synaptic plasticity across dendritic location

11.30-12.30     Rishikesh Narayanan, Functional maps within a single neuron: Emergence,

                        homeostasis and implications


12.30-13.30     Lunch break


13.30-15.00     Poster Session 2  - with coffee/snacks


15.00-16.00     Daniel Dombeck, Navigating with dendrites


16.00-16.30     Best Poster Awards

16.30 -             Excursion to Lygaria Beach / Gala dinner at Sirocco Restaurant



Tuesday 21-6-2016


                        Session 5: Career issues in academia

                        Chairs: Emre Yaksi, Yiota Poirazi


9.30-10.15       Camilla Belone, Retention of women in high levels of neuroscience – Perspectives

                        from a FENS-Kavli Scholar


10.15-10.45     Coffee break


10.45-11.30     Monica di Luca, FENS President, Publication issues: Right time for a reality check in


11.30-12.30     Open discussion about career issues

                        Chairs: Panayiota Poirazi, Camilla Belone, Monica di Luca


12.30-14.00     Lunch break


                        Session 6: Scientific and proposal writing tutorials

                        Chairs:  Yiota Poirazi, Rishikesh Narayanan


14.00-15.30     Tutorial 1: Matthew Larkum, How to write a successful scientific publication


15.30-16.00     Coffee break


16.00-17.30     Tutorial 2: Emre Yaksi, How to get funding

17.30-18.00     Closing Remarks