Survival Guide

Dendritic Anatomy, Molecules and Function

Dendrites 2016

June 18 - 21, 2016.

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Heraklion, Crete.

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Survival Guide..

How to reach FORTH

The Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) is situated 10 km southwest from Downtown Heraklion. Please find below how to get to FORTH:


For participants that have booked their accommodation through Mitos SA, daily transfers to and from FORTH are included in their registration fees.

The pick up point and delivery for the daily transfers is directly opposite the Heraklion Archaeological Museum entrance, where buses are allowed to board passengers. The bus will have the DENDRITES logo in the front window. Please look for it.

Here is the schedule:


* There will be no transfer buses arranged for return transfer from FORTH in the afternoon on Monday 20 June since the buses will go directly to LYGARIA for the gala dinner.  There is a schedule for public buses to and from FORTH daily.  

Participants who will not attend the dinner are kindly requested to purchase bus tickets (blue colour) 1.80€ from any kiosk or ticket machine located near bus stops in Heraklion and Ammoudara so that they can use the public bus service to return to Heraklion.  For those staying in Ammoudara they will need a second ticket (orange colour) 1.20€ to take the second bus from outside the Astoria Hotel in Heraklion for Ammoudara.

Please note that the above schedule might change based on the DENDRITES progress of the daily program.You will have to keep an eye on the announcements at the conference secretariat for those changes, as they will only be announced there. Please also note that availability is limited.

B. BY CITY BUS (see page 6 for city centre map and location of central bus stops)

There are two bus routes to and from FORTH (ITE in Greek) several times per day:

a. From Heraklion city center to FORTH:

Line 8: the sign on the front of the bus reads ITE

Airport-FORTH/Port-FORTH: The bus arrives at Astoria bus station (Platia Eleftherias) about 10 minutes later. The bus drops you off at FORTH premises.


Departure from Port to FORTH

Departure from FORTH

Departure from Airport to FORTH


























Departure from FORTH: 10.15, 16.15 and 23.10

b. From Heraklion city center to PAGNI (ΠΑΓΝΗ in Greek, the University Hospital). Line 11, the sign on the front of the bus reads ΠΑΓΝΗ.

This line has a stop approximately 300 meters away from FORTH's entrance. The FORTH bus station is the station that follows the 2 bus stops at the hospitals. In order to avoid missing the stop, please consult the bus driver by asking for the stop to FORTH (called "ITE" in Greek). The frequency of this service is approximately every 15 minutes.

One-way tickets costing 1,80€ can be purchased from most kiosks around the downtown area. The duration of each trip is approximately 40 minutes.


a. From Heraklion city center to FORTH: The most convenient taxi queue is at "Eleftherias Square" ("Platia Eleftherias" in Greek). A taxi ride takes about 20-30 minutes and costs approximately 12€

b. From airport to FORTH: Taxi service is provided just outside the airport. A taxi ride takes about 15-25 minutes and costs approximately 18€


From Heraklion city center to FORTH (via the highway) 17 mins, 11 km. Starting point: Plateia Eleftherias (Eleftheria's Square)

• Head south on Plateia Eleftherias toward Leoforos Dimokratias - 120m

• Take the 1st left onto Leoforos Dimokratias - 1.1km

• Continue on to Leoforos Knosou - 210m

• Keep right at the fork - 110m

• Continue onto Leoforos Papanastasiou - 650m

• Turn right at Ethniki Odos Irakleiou / Route 90/E75 - 3.4km

• Take the exit toward Tympaki / Irakleio / Moires - 270m

• Turn right at Men. Parlama - 900m

• Continue onto Irakleiou - Moiron - 450m

• Turn right at Pros Voutes - 1.6km

• Slight right to stay on Pros Voutes - 1.8km

• Take the 3rd right - 280m

From Heraklion Airport to FORTH (via the highway) 16 mins, 13.2 km. Starting Point: Aerodromio (Airport)

• Head east on Aerodromiou (Airport) toward Leoforos Ikarou - 300m

• Continue onto Leoforos G. Senetaki - 500m

• Slight right to merge onto Route 90/E75 - 7km

• Take the exit toward Tympaki / Irakleio / Moires - 270m

• Turn right at Men. Parlama - 900m

• Continue on to Irakleiou - Moiron

• Turn right at Pros Voutes - 1.6km

• Slight right to stay on Pros Voutes - 1.8km

• Take the 3rd right - 280m

Arriving at FORTH / Registration

Upon registration you will be given a conference bag containing the following:
  • Your name badge (and dinner voucher for those who will participate to the Gala dinner)
  • Any additional documentation concerning your participation
  • The meeting program, notepad, pen, strip for your name badge, flyers, a Poster Evaluation Sheet. 
Registration will take place at the Conference Secretariat, outside the Amphitheater (follow the arrows “DENDRITES 2016 Conference”)

- If you are a speaker: 

The scientific program will follow a given time schedule and all oral communications should not exceed the limit specified below:

Keynote Lectures: 45 min + 10 min discussion
Short Talks: 20 min + 5 min discussion

The presentation files should be provided to the secretariat or to a meeting assistant on USB sticks in the morning of each presentation, at the latest. You can identify meeting assistants by their yellow tags: 

The lecture room will be equipped with data projectors connected to a PC (Windows) and live streaming of the presentations is possible. A dedicated laptop will be used for all oral presentations. Laptops (under Windows or Mac OS) can also be used directly for the
presentation but this is not advisable as technical problems may occur. Please remember
to bring your adaptors! There will be assistance inside the conference room. 

- If you are presenting a poster

Poster board dimensions are 1.00m x 1.00m with
actual display area of 94cm height x 80cm width. Blu-Tac & scotch tape will be provided at the
secretariat desk for poster display. The presenters will be able to arrange their posters at designated panels on Saturday 18 June for the whole duration of the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have Internet access during the conference?

Free WiFi everywhere inside the building, except the amphitheater. 

Click here for weather information.

A small piece of advice: Better take your POSTER onboard your airplane rather than leave it in your luggage; the effort putting your roll under your seat or above your head is worth avoiding the risk of your presentation traveling to some exotic destination on its own...


Central bus stops for FORTH where you can also find tickets to buy. Usually you can also buy tickets at the kiosks close to bus stops


We are all looking forward to a very interesting conference!